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Zhejiang Ningbo Qiming Adhesive Products Co.,ltd. relaying in the yearly technology and experience in manufacturing adhesive products,has been constantly developing series adhesive tapes of high quality for customers needs.thus promoting its application in area of daily life,automobile and electrics.
 The company mainly produces four series products:
1 OPP box-seal tape, stationery tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, foam tape, kraft tape, aluminum foil tape, cloth tape (extensive) and special adhesive tape.
2 Consumables in Supermarket: single & double-line price labeller, single & double-line price label, tying machine, tying adhesive tape, electronic scale label(heat sensitive), cashier paper, pressure sensitive cashier paper, fax paper, carbon band of fax paper, etc.
3 Plastic Products: tape cutter, stationery holder, garments dust sticker.
4 Computer Paper Series: ink-jet laser printing paper, bar code printing paper (roller), carbon band of bar code, etc.