Shanghai J&L Packing Machinery CO., LTD

Shanghai Jiuluo Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the best professional and famous companies to develop and manufacture Plastic Packing Machinery.
As a professional plastic sheet material Thermoforming manufacturer, it has been fifteen years since we took part in this industry. A building with 2000 square meters of space, all modern facilities and planned with the future in mind. For many years development we have exported all over the world, such as SONY, SANYO, PHILIPS, GP, Colgate, Saint-gobain etc. Our prime goal remains continuity and stability of the company. At the beginning of a new decade, our company like others, need to stand strong in the face of the future.

The main products of our company:
1. Economical Patent Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine—used for kinds of type and shape of plastic forming. It can save about 8-15 ton material a year. (Can make 2.3-2.5mm thick PS, too.)
2. High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine—used for blister sealing (pvc/pvc, pvc/paper), PVC folding and SK line press. There is a special machine use for canvas, film structure and sun-blind welding.
3. Ultrasonic Plastic Melting Machine - -used for plastic part welding and melting, such as glasses frame, camera, sound box and so on.
4. High frequency plastic folding machine (SK line press)--used for plastic sheet fold and SK line press.
5. Vacuum forming machine corollary equipment—plastic cutting machine, blister sealing machine, shrink wrapping machine and automatic tri-side folding machine for plastic.