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Shenzhen Jingtie Metallizing Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Jingtie Metallizing Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture verified by Shenzhen government, which was established in March 2001 with 49 millions registered capital. We are one of the leading manufacturer in producing all sorts of new & top-grade vacuum aluminum metallized plastic packaging films, condenser films for capacitors, aluminum metallized paper and holographic film. Our top grade products are all widely used in electricity and the package of food, chemical, medicine, garment, cigarette, wine, negotiable securities and gifts.
Our company is located in the foot of Tong Hill, and the crossing of Shenhui Road and Ji He speedway. It covers an area of 36600 square meters with a modern office building, a specialized producing workshop and fully equipped living community for staffs. Convenient traffic network and superior geographical position offer a good external condition for our company.
We have brought in a whole set of advanced professional manufacturing equipments, such as holographic plate-making, mold pressing and coating machine, and multi-functional making machine of Leybold from German as well. Our investigations on equipments are the largest scale and highest class with the most advanced handcrafts & technology among the same line in Guangdong province. Moreover, we were appraised as a "high credit and attaching contract" enterprise in 2002, and has qualified by ISO9001:2000 international quality management system.
We will offer our customers high quality products timely and reliable service after deal by normative management.
If you are interested in our company or any of the items, please feel free to click our website and contact us for further information Look forward to creat mutual benefits and great development with you!