SPECIFICATIONS:Max. rewinding speed 1500 meters per minute
Cycle production time 17-21 seconds (for 250 meter rolls)
Max. diameter of mother roll 550 mm
Max. material width 600 mm
Min. material width 450 mm
Max. diameter of finished roll 300 mm
Mother roll core diameter 76 mm
Inside diameter of finished roll 50 mm (30mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, 76mm optional)
Material thickness 10 micron - 50 micron
Installed power 14 Kw
Voltage 400 V
Air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption < 100 liter per minute
Machine overall dimensions 1350x1800x2200 mm
Machine weight 1250 Kg
● Two Servo Drive microprocessor controls
● On - board computer controls
● Touchscreen Operator Interface in operator language
● Electronic rewinding tension control
● Integrated command pulpit
● Pneumatic device for the Lifting of Mother roll
● Large Core Hopper
● Motorised Mother roll centring device
● Electrostatic device for the attachment of material to core
● Sensor for the presence of cores
● Rewinding of material by pre – set of meters
● Full guarding package 
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