Press Fabric,Paper making Felt, Paper Machine Felt, Wet Felt , BOM Felt / Pick Up Felt/ Dryer Felt,MG Felt
There are three series of papermaking felts available in the market. They are single layer base mesh,double layer base mesh and triple layer base mesh.According there structures,they can be divided into formed felt, pressed felt, upper felt, dryer felt, pulp board felt and so on.
Including: single-layer BOM; Double layer BOM ; Multi-layer BOM( laminated BOM )
Application:Cylinder,Super forming,fourdrinier,Inclined wire machine,Nip wire machine,fourdrinier,superposition wire,nip wire paper making machine,ect.
Advantage:good permeability and drainage;low elongation, stable size;easy to wash and clean;good adaptability,long life time.
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